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Accelerate Business Growth through

Turn leads into revenue and keep customers satisfied

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service teams turn conversational experiences into revenue-driving outcomes with Tenzobot’s AI Chatbot Generator.

Easy, Flexible Setup

Build and deploy versatile chatbots that impress and engage your customers in little time.

Built-In Integrations

Connect your bots to existing techstacks, so you have all the data, right where you want it.

Bot-to-Human Hand-off's

Allow your bot to work alone, and/or handover to humans when needed.

Educational Resources

Access ready-made templates, courses, articles, or contact us for additional support.
Your bots do the manual work, so you don't have to

Generate AI chatbots in a few clicks

Launch your dream AI Appointment Assistant within minutes, no technical skills required. Ready to book more, quality meetings on autopilot with Tenzobot’s AI Chatbot Generator?

  • Generate 3x more leads
  • 10x Booking appointments
  • Provide 24/7 assistance
what we do

Identify high intent leads and route them to the right person in the team

Custom conditions and pre-built blocks allow you to score leads automatically and transition chats to humans instantly.


Conversational experiences that 3x efficiency with even better quality

Deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences at scale on WhatsApp, web, Facebook Messenger, or connect through API. Connect Tenzobot to the tools you love using our native integrations and start exchanging data easily, without coding.





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